S.S.S Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

Rental Private Boats / Gulets: For rental private yachts; All details such as boat selection, tour dates, food menu and tour program are determined according to your wishes.
Our experienced staff serves you exclusively for you and your group's satisfaction. You can choose the yacht of the best standard and price for you and your group from our yachts with ranging from 2 to 11 cabins in our fleet.
Rental Cabins:If you have difficulty forming a group or want to travel alone, you can rent one or more cabins on our weekly Blue Cruise tours.
You will have the opportunity to meet other guests from different parts of the world. In Cabin Tours, the name of the yacht to be on the tour is announced 1 day before the departure date, details such as the start and end dates of the tour, tour schedule and food menus are determined in advance and the journey is made within these standards.
Rental Private Boats / Gulets: Mooring fees in Turkish territorial waters, port taxes, yacht insurance, fuel, cleaning of boat linens, utility water, transit log, personnel service and free use of equipment on board are included in the price.
Rental Cabins:Full board accommodation for 1 week (breakfast, lunch and dinner, 5 o'clock tea, biscuit service), drinking water (during meals), fuel, utility water, personnel service, yacht insurance, boat linens, mooring fees in Turkish waters, harbor Transitlog taxes are included in the price.
Rental Private Boats / Gulets: Port taxes and mooring fees in Greek territorial waters, meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, land tours, airport transfers are not included in the price.
Rental Cabins: Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, bottled water, land tours and airport transfers are not included in the price. Drinks are provided from the boat bar.
As Denizde 1 Hafta, we can organize tours to one or more Greek Islands for you. 
Port charges in the Greek Islands are not included in the price. All the guests will need a passport and a visa.
Smoking is strictly prohibited in the lounge and inside the cabins.
It is not allowed due to health and safety reasons. Our passengers can smoke on deck.
It is of course possible for private yacht tours but not for cabin tours.
Cabin Tours are carried out according to certain schedules.
In accordance with the rules on the boats, it is not allowed to bring pets due to health and safety reasons.
Special items that you might need for daily use at sea and on land can be provided.
All your needs can be met from shops and markets without bringing anything in all tour regions.
At least two swimsuits, high protection sunscreen, hats, protective lipstick, camera and / or sun towels, a diary to write down your happy memories. Shoes are not allowed on the deck, you can only bring sports shoes or walking shoes that you will wear on land tours. The clothes you bring should be suitable for day and night temperature changes.
It is 20-26 degrees (Celsius) on average in April, May and October.
The average temperature in June, July, August and September is between 30-38 degrees. The weather is not very humid and rain is unlikely in the summer. On the boat you rented, our captains check the weather every day and organize the program accordingly.
The captain will inform you in case of an adverse weather change.
If you want to check the weather yourself, you can follow it from (WINDY) application for all phones.
Although we have snorkels and goggles on board, we recommend you to bring your own.
Standard Boats: Our boats in this class are designed in the same structure as other boat types but they do not have air conditioning. Each cabin has a private shower and toilet. Rental prices are affordable.

Standard Plus Boats: They are air-conditioned standard boats. Rental prices are affordable.

Luxury Boats: Boats in this class have wider cabins than standard boats. Each cabin has its own shower, toilet and air conditioning. Rental prices are affordable.

Ultra Luxury Boats: Ultra Luxury yachts are specially built gulets designed by taking all the needs of our guests into consideration. All rooms are air-conditioned and specially decorated. The boats are equipped with the latest technology equipment while sparing no expense. Prices are determined accordingly.
90% of the time, the boats finish the tour at the same port from which they take off. If you want to end the tour at a different port, you must specify the tour program of the boat you have rented in advance and pay the price difference. On the night of the 6th day of the tour, our boat will send you off at the port you want to land and start its return. The price difference depends on the distance between the start and end ports of the tour.
Everything is possible on the menu in Private Yacht Charters. On the cabin tours, special meals can be cooked only for our vegetarian guests.
All of the meals specified in the menu, to be made during the tour, are served with beautiful presentations.
All of our yachts are insured to include third parties. Our guests can take out personal accident, health or travel insurances if they wish.
You can also bring your baby in Private Boat Rentals. It is necessary to be more careful and attentive in terms of safety and security.
However, children under the age of 12 are not allowed to travel by boat on Cabin Tours.
You can bring all food and beverages by yourself in private yacht charter. Service and presentation is carried by the personnel.
However, drinks cannot be brought from outside on cabin tours, they can be bought from the yacht bar.
Yes. We can arrange all kinds of airport transfers, intercity and sea-taxi transfers upon request.
Boarding starts at 15.30 on all tours. Landing is at 10.30 after breakfast time on the last day of the tour. After landing, the boat starts getting ready for our new guests.
Our passengers whose flight or bus is at a later hour, can leave their luggage at Denizde 1 Hafta office.
Harbor taxes, mooring fees, transitlog, autopilot, cleaning at the end of the tour, utility water, sheets, linens and non-motorized water sports on the boat are included.
As you know, electronic devices are charged with 220 volts of electricity.
Many boats have 220 w electricity, if you consult our staff, they will provide you with all the necessary information.
If you inform us about this request before coming to the tour, you will be assisted.
Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) is paid during the charter payment. Under MYBA conditions, APA is usually calculated as 25% of the total charter fee, but this amount can be up to 30% for some of the ultra luxury yachts. Food, drink, port fees are given to the captain before starting the cruise, this payment is designed to cover costs such as fuel, provisions and other expenses. APA, which is 25% of the charter fee delivered to the captain in order to eliminate the motor fuels, oils and other deficiencies of the yacht, is the payments made by the captain on your behalf. All invoices and cash expenditure accounts must be completed before before the final landing date. The captain gives you a breakdown of his expenditures and if less than the APA amount has been spent, he will refund the remaining portion. If the amount of expenditure exceeds the APA amount, you must top up.